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As a professional soccer (football) coach of young players, the ultimate goal is to induce improvement in athlete performance. Most likely you follow this coaching process that includes observational, analytical and planning phases throughout the whole season.

Performances in the practices, especially the performances in the previous matches, will be most important input when you are planning and preparing coming training sessions in order to improve the whole team and players individually.

For a match, you are very interested in knowing play-by-play statistics numbers such as:

When the team is attacking,

  • How many goals/shots the team have and where are they?
  • How many goals/shots the opponent team have and where are they?
  • How many crosses the team have and where are they?

When the team is defending,

  • How many clears the team have and where are they?
  • How many blocks the team have and where are they?

Then throughout the whole season,

  • What is the trend of performance of whole team and individual player?
  • Who is the best striker, middle fielder, or defender?

The list of questions continue to grow in your mind. However during a match, you are busy focusing on the game and the players, it is hard for you and your assistants to capture everything in your mind or on a piece of paper.

With JB ESolution Soccer Statistics, it will be much easier to record all these information by using mobile devices (iPhone or Android phones), and analyze the match on a tablet or computer.

Match Stats Dashboard

Match Activity Breakdown

To help the coach to understand the match and team performance better, each type of activities such as Goal, Shot, Shot on Target, Clear, and Block etc are displayed in three types of breakdown:
  • Zone breakdown: The whole field is divided into 24 zones. This gives a clear view where the activities of our team and opponent team happened on the field.
  • Match Time breakdown: It shows how team performed as match went on. For example, this match was a 75 minutes game in 3 periods. We can clearly see that our team dominated the match in first 40% of the time (the whole 25 minutes of first period and first 8 minutes of second period) because we scored 4 goals until that time. Then our opponent team gave us gave us tremendous pressure by catching up 4 goals in remaining 60% of the time ( remaining 17 minutes of second period and third period). We were lucky to score another goal and won this match. However what happened in the second and third periods? This is an interesting question the coach could ask himself and whole team.
  • Player breakdown: It shows how players performed in these zones.

Player Breakdown

All the statistics are broken down to each individual player level.

Season Analysis

As season goes on, this app will aggregate all matches within this season and present them in easy charts. All the statistics you collected are stored securely on Amazon Cloud service. That means you can easily retrieve match history and review the statistics of any given match at any time anywhere by using any devices as long as there has Internet connection.

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