When To Track Match

It really depends on your personal preference. I prefer to track my daughter's match on the field when I am watching her match. Reason being is quite often I am observing how she runs even she does not have the ball, and I feel it is harder for me to find her in the video taping. After using this App for a while, you will not be distracted that much by clicking on the App. Another trick is you do not have to track the move immediately, you can always remember the action and area and track it when the ball is outbound or a foul is committed, and the match is stopped.

Most people do not like to be distracted when they are watching the match. To be honest it is quite enjoyable to watch when your own son or daughter is playing on the field. We get so emotionally involved that we want to cheer their moves or urge them to dribble past the oppoent, shoot, and score... In this case, you can track your son or daughter's match afterwards when you get home as long as you or somebody else in your team video tape the match. As you can see here, you can adjust the start time of the match to the correct time on this page.

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