Track Match Without Internet Connection

In a short answer, no, you do not need Internet Connection (WIFI or data plan) in order for you to track the match. Although Soccer Player App is designed to be used on both mobile phone or tablet, it is actually better to use tablet because the graphic field is bigger for you to click on a bigger screen. Thus the calculation of the distance of passes and dribbles are more accurate if you tracked them on tablet.

Since most of tablets do not have data plan, Soccer Player App allows you track the match first, then upload to the cloud servers for analysis later. This is one of my favorest features which I use every week. It was especially useful when we travel to US for tournaments. The only prerequisite is that you have to register the user and setup the player online when there is Internet connection.

If there is no Internet connection, when you launch the app, it only allows you either track a match or logout.

Please follow How to track a match? to track the match

Once you finished, the match is saved and you will see

You can either leave the app running or close the app. If the app is left running, it will upload the match automatically within a few minutes once it detects the Internet connection. If the app is closed, it will upload the match next time when it is launched.

Another nice feature is that you can track as many matches as you want before you get your Internet connection back. All the matches will be saved and uploaded for you without any lose.

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