Track Shot

On the Match Console page, click the point on the field where the player takes the shot

Please click "Shot" button on the Action pop up.

The Pink Dot on the field is where the player takes the shot. Please click on the field where the player shot to.

In Soccer Player App, you can track which foot or header the player used to shoot. Once you have tracked enough number of matches, you will understand whether this player can shoot/score by using both feet, using one dominant foot only, or using header more often.

Now on the Action pop up, you can choose one of the positive and negative outcomes of the shot.

If the shot turned into a goal, clicks "Goal" button.

Here is the last chance for you to cancel the Goal if the ball does not go into the net. If you confirms the goal, the score of Your Team will be incresed by 1, and a Goal will be added to the player!