Track Match

On the home page, plase click "Track A Match" button

Now please input the name of Opponent Team and Match Type.

When you come to Player Start Position page, it will display the default formation and default start position you set in the "Settings" page.

You can change the formation the team decides to play in that match, and change the player's position by dragging the name or icon of the player and dropping it to anywhere he/she plays. If the player does not start in the match, please sub him/her off by dragging the player to the "Sub" section.

Before you start the match, you need to make sure set your team to the correct side. For example, if "Your Team" starts at your left hand side, you do not need to do anything. However if your team starts at your right hand side, you need to swipe the "Your Team" to the right side. The purpose of doing this is to make sure the "Defending -> Attacking" direction is correct. As we know player should shoot to the net of opponent side, and player will clear around the box area of his/her own side.

Now you are at the Console.

Here you can:

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