User Type

The user type you choose to register determines how you uses Soccer Player.

If you are a soccer (football) dad or mom and you want to track the performance of your son or daughter, please choose the "Track Player" user type.

  • It allows you track as many matches as you want. You can come back to review his/her match of many years ago at any time you want
  • You can change club and team at any time.
  • Dashboard presents technilcal details with predefined types of actions and percentages based on the position the player playes. It gives you a quick summary of the player performance in the match.
  • Action View drills down to each type of actions such as Pass or Shot to understand the habit, strength, and weakness of the player. For example, you can see how many short passes, long passes, and directions of the passes for a midfielder, how many headers, right foot shots/goals, left foot shots/goals in which zones for a striker.

    Action View can replay the action one by one with detail information like timing and the result of that particular action.

  • Zone View provides a heat map that displays where your kid likes to run and act on the field.

If you are a coach who manages a team or a scout who follows the players you are interested, you can use this App to follow their performance as long as these players are using this App too.

Please check the instructions on How to follow players

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