How to follow players

In order to protect players privacy, this App is using invitation only model. That means players take full control to whom they want to share their match performances.

As a coach or a scout, you need:

  • Register a user in this App.
    Assume you register by using email address ""
  • You have to register as a "Follow Player" user first.
    You have to tell the players the email address "" you used to register in this App.

  • Then player needs to invite you to follow him/her by going to the "Settings" page"
    Clicks "Invite Follwer" button
    On this page, player needs to use your email address to find you, and then Send Invitation to you.
  • You will see "Notifications" on your home page.
    Click the "Notifications" button to check the notifications sent to you.
  • Now you need to accept invitation player sent to you.
    Once you accept the invitation, you are able to review all matches of this player. You can remove the following on a player at any time so that you will not receive any notifications from him/her and not review his/her matches.

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